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Relier Vista: Transforming Building Management

How we built a solution for a Renowned Facility Management Service Provider that provided

100 Cost Saving
100 Energy Saving
100 Control
100 Reduced Manpower


The customer, a distinguished Facility Management Service Provider, sought a modern Building Management System (Vista) to enhance service control. Their existing software was costly, locally deployed & required manpower as well as lacked reliable support.

Our Solution - Relier Vista

Relier Vista, our cutting-edge solution, is revolutionising the Vista sector with its connectivity and automation. This IoT-enabled Building Management Software empowers seamless control, monitoring, and optimization of building operations.

Relier’s Advantageous Effects

a. Seamless Integration: Smooth transition without disrupting existing systems. Right from upgrading the CCTVs, HVAC, firefighting systems, water management, lighting, security, energy & building automation to controlling every management unit from one location, this solution upgrades the
management without reducing value or proving obsolete for your current purchased systems.
b. Local <-> Cloud Connectivity: Hybrid system offering flexibility and scalability. You can efficiently monitor &amp; control the entire building without physically deploying manpower hence saving you cost, energy, efforts and more.

c. Scalable &amp; Upgradable: Adaptable to future needs and advancements. As and when an upgrade is needed, the technology can be upgraded without you losing costing for previous versions.
d. Pay As You Go: Flexible pricing model over years &amp; system/technical upgrades as and when needed for cost efficiency. Our service doesn’t need an upfront investment which prevents you from getting financially overwhelmed.
f. Multi Tenant Platform: Tailored for the needs of facility management service providers. Upgrade technologically, financially &amp; efficiently while managing multiple tenants &amp; buildings with our one stop solution.

Why Choose Relier Vista:

●Revolutionary IoT technology for smart building management.
● Seamless integration with existing systems.
● Cost-effective and scalable solutions for future growth.

Ready to Elevate Your Building Management?

Experience the future of building management with Relier Vista. Seamlessly integrate, monitor remotely, and scale your operations with ease. Contact us today for a personalised consultation and propel your facility management to new heights.

Empower Your Facility Management with Relier Vista


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