Vision Systems & AI

Vision Systems & AI

Elansol Technologies brings Advanced Vision Systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services to revolutionise how industries perceive and interact with their processes. Our solutions are designed to enhance safety, precision, efficiency, and decision-making, driving your business toward unparalleled success.

Transforming Manufacturing with
AI-Powered Image Inspection Systems

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for seamless data extraction
  • Precise Measurements for quality control and accuracY
  • Defect Detection on parts or objects for flawless production
  • Poka-Yoke Systems to prevent errors before they occur
  • Part Present/Absent Detection for streamlined assembly processes
  • Any Image Inspection System for the manufacturing industry

Enhancing Safety & Process
Monitoring with Video- Based Solutions

  • Safety Applications for ensuring compliance with safety protocols
  • Human Activity Detection for better security and surveillance
  • Posture and Face Recognition for access control and authentication
  • Virtual Boundaries to create safe zones and prevent accidents
  • Spillage Detection to minimize risks and maintain cleanliness
  • Assembly Process Monitoring for optimized workflows

Empowering Industries & Commercial
Spaces with Intelligent CCTV Analytics

  • Safety Helmet Adherence to ensure workforce safety
  • PPE Adherence (Safety Goggles & Safety Shoes) for a secure environment
  • Absence of Manpower Presence at critical areas for improved monitoring
  • Fire Prevention to prevent accidents and potential hazards
  • Security Presence in critical zones for enhanced surveillance
  • Paint/Chemical Spillage Detection to avert dangerous situations

Ensure Safety and
Efficiency with AI- Driven CCTV Analytics

  • Unauthorized Entry Detection for enhanced securit
  • Laydown and Sleeping in the Workplace for a vigilant work environment
  • ETP/STP Overflow Detection for immediate response to emergencies
  • Material Fall from Racks to prevent damages and injuries
  • Flame/Fire/Smoke Detection to mitigate fire-related risks

Customised AI Solutions

  • Address industry-specific challenges with customised AI solutions designed to meet unique business needs.
  • Ensure adaptability with scalable and flexible systems that evolve alongside changing business requirements.

Join Us on the Journey

Transform manufacturing with our AI-Powered Image Inspection Systems Enhancing Safety, Process Monitoring with Video-Based Solutions and CCTV video Analytics Solutions. Our expert services & futuristic approach helps you elevate your operations & help you tap into the future of manufacturing efficiency.