Relier Focus

Real-time Excellence in Industrial Operations

Real Time Operational Pulse

Dynamic Customizable Dashboards

Precision Analytics Across Levels

Universal Site-Wide Efficiency

Flexible Deployment Options

Empower your Industries with Real-Time Mastery and future-ready Operations!

Supercharge your industrial operations with Relier Focus – the epitome of real-time excellence. Breaking free from industry constraints, Relier Focus is your passport to agile decision-making and
operational mastery.

Relier Focus Benefits: A Closer Lock

30 % Real-Time Visibility
25 % Efficiency Gains
20 % Cut downtime
40 % Data-Driven Precision

Key Features

Rapid Real-time Monitoring

Propel your business forward with live data streams, ensuring swift, proactive decisions.

Precision Analytics

Dive deep into insights with shift, site, machine, and line-level analysis, tailored to your industry’s unique rhythm.

Universal Efficiency

Elevate your entire operation with universal site-wide monitoring that adapts seamlessly to diverse industries.

Machine-Centric Optimization

Fine-tune individual machines for optimal performance, regardless of your industry’s intricacies.

Shift and Line Agility

Streamline production cycles with dynamic shift and line-level analysis, universally applicable to all industries.

Flexible Deployment Options

Take control with the local deployment, embrace accessibility in the cloud, or enjoy the best of both worlds with our hybrid solution.

Fully Tailored

Mould Relier Focus to your needs with complete customization, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your industry’s nuances.

Use Cases

Agile Decision-Making in Manufacturing

Applicable in harnessing real-time data streams for swift decision-making in dynamic manufacturing environments.

Predictive Maintenance

Applicable in real-time analytics to monitor equipment health, enabling predictive maintenance strategies and minimising downtime.

Energy Management in Industrial Facilities

Applicable in implementing real-time monitoring to track and optimise energy consumption, reducing costs and enhancing sustainability

Smart City Infrastructure

Applicable in empowering municipal departments by optimising city

Customised Solutions for Various Industries

Applicable in tailoring to specific industry needs with complete customization, adapting seamlessly to diverse operational nuances and

Data-Driven Decision Making in Office Environments

Applicable in real-time analytics to enhance office workflows, employee productivity, and resource utilisation for data-driven decision-making.

Why Relier Focus?

Adaptability at its Core

Relier Focus seamlessly fits into various industries, offering a versatile platform for businesses worldwide.


User-Friendly Interface

Effortlessly navigate through data with our intuitive interface, making real-time analytics accessible to everyone.

Scale Limitlessly

Grow without limits as Relier Focus adapts to your industry’s changing needs and scale.

Security Assurance

Your data is safeguarded with cutting-edge security, meeting regulatory requirements across industries.

Join the League of industries embracing operational brilliance with Relier Focus.

Turn your data into astrategic powerhouse, driving innovation, efficiency, and unmatched success. Elevate your operations choose Relier Focus today.