Relier Vista

Intelligent Building/Facilities Management for Every Industry.

Vista Integration Hub

Iot-Driven Intelligence

Cloud-Connected Control

User-Friendly Interface

Tailored for Your Needs

Transforming Buildings, Empowering Futures with Relier Vista!

Relier Vista is your universal solution for intelligent building/facilities management. Whether you operate commercial buildings, industrial facilities, or factories, Relier Vista is designed to elevate control, efficiency, and connectivity across diverse environments.

Relier Vista Benefits: A Closer Look

20 Energy Saving & Management
15 Cost Saving
30 Control
25 Reduced Manpower

Key Features

Vista Integration Hub

As a central integration hub for all your building/facilities systems, it seamlessly connects & controls diverse elements such as HVAC, lighting, security, etc. from a unified platform.

IoT-Driven Intelligence

It leverages the power of the IoT to harness real-time data analytics, predictive modelling, & continuous optimization for intelligent decision-making.

Cloud-Connected Control

Monitor & maintain command 24/7 with our cloud connectivity remotely, ensuring swift responses to critical situations, irrespective of your industry.

User-Friendly Interface

Experience simplicity with our intuitive interface, accessible on both web and mobile platforms & easy navigation across diverse industries.

Tailored for Your Needs

Customise the adaptable platform to meet the specific requirements of your industry, ensuring a tailored fit for your building management needs.

Use Cases

Commercial Buildings

Applicable in smart energy management & occupancy analytics like space utilisation, workplace experience, etc in commercial buildings.

Industrial Facilities

Applicable in process optimization & predictive analysis to anticipate equipment failures, schedule maintenance proactively, and minimise production disruptions.


Applicable in supply chain integration & quality control.

Healthcare Facilities

Applicable in environmental conditions, inventory & medical tracking in the healthcare settings.

Educational Institutions

Applicable in smart campus solutions & to support data-driven decision-making in educational institutions.

Retail Spaces

Applicable in customer experience enhancement & inventory management for retail shops & complexes.

Why Choose Relier Vista?

Efficiency Unleashed

Optimise your building’s performance and energy utilisation

Scalable Solutions

Grow & evolve seamlessly with Relier Vista.

Security at the Core

We prioritise the security and privacy of your data with robust protective measures.

Seamless Integration

Connect & control various systems effortlessly, fostering connectivity in diverse environments.

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