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How we built a solution for a Leading Automobile Filtration Production Company in India that provided

90 Error Reduction
90 Rework Reduction
90 Training Time


The customer faced challenges in tracking and guiding assembly operators on the production line in the factories. Another issue with operators was finding & recruiting trained operators or finding labour and spending time, money & resources training them. As the trained operators are on short term contract basis, the frequent process of rehiring and recruiting new workers & training them was financially draining & a tiring traditional process.

Our Solution

An augmented reality user-friendly guidance system: WorkXpert, it offers a comprehensive solution for Digital SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) with advanced projection and AI capabilities. The goal is to streamline complex assembly processes, providing step-by-step guidance and real-time validation.

WorkXpert’s Advantageous Effects

a. Digital Work Instructions:
● Intuitive step-by-step guidance for operators.
● Interactive and user-friendly instructions.

b. Projection Integration:
● Augmented Reality (AR) projections for enhanced guidance.
● Precise alignment and hands-free operation.

c. AI-Powered Quality Control:
● Advanced video analytics for defect detection.
● Real-time alerts and monitoring.

Why Choose WorkXpert

● The need for recruiting trained operators is eliminated along with saving time, money & resources training them.
● Improve productivity and product quality with real time analysis & target tracking.
● Enhance operator training and accuracy.
● Real-time insights for data-driven decision-making with multi-plant systems.
● Seamless integration with existing systems.

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