Nikhil Warokar

Nikhil Warokar is Co-founder and Director of Elansol Technologies Private Limited, with expertise in Industry 4.0, Embedded Systems and Product & project management. In his 11+ years of carrier, He has built multiple products and successfully delivered several projects across various industries.
As a leader, Nikhil is strongly focused on Elansol’s operations and growth, while ensuring that the company delivers impressive results that exceed customer expectations. Nikhil is driven by a passion for understanding and solving the complex problems of the industry, and he is dedicated to making Elansol a world-class center for Industry 4.0 adoption.
Nikhil’s passion for innovation and his unwavering commitment to excellence inspire his team to deliver the best possible results for clients.


Chetan Kulkarni

Chetan Kulkarni is the Co- founder and Director of Elansol Technologies Private Limited, with expertise in Industrial automation, I4.0, Embedded systems, and AI gained through over 18 years of experience in advanced technologies.

Elansol Technologies Private Limited was founded with Chetan’s vision to leverage advanced technologies and bridge the gap between the real and digital worlds, leading the company to become a provider of innovative and cutting-edge solutions under his visionary leadership.

Chetan’s focus on customer success and company growth is well-known, as he believes in cultivating a work environment that fosters innovation and creativity.